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So, Commodore never advertised? Well, compared to their competitors I must agree with you. But nevertheless I (and the people who've submitted material), have managed to find several original Commodore adds placed in various magazines around the world. One question that remains unanswered is why did they mainly advertise in Commodore magazines? Wouldn't you expect that the majority of readers already owned a Commodore computer?

Currently the archive features adverts in both Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Swedish.

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Commodore Adverts (C64, PET Etc.) [click]
Let me take you on a journey spanning more than 10 years. From the early Vic20 and the classic Commodore 64 (both in the well-known bread box design), to the much more stylish Commodore 64c and Commodore 128. In between you'll find adverts for rare products such as the Commodore 64sx, the Commodore Plus/4 and other original C= hardware.

Amiga Adverts (Amiga500, CD32 Etc.) [click]
Take a trip down memory lane, back to the years when Commodore released some of the best multimedia computers. Many of these adverts proclaimed the Amiga as litteraly being the most technologically advanced computer ever to reach to the public. Noone could disagree with that, but in these times of 1000 Mhz processors I think we're all gonna smile at these "More than 4000 colours"-quotes.

IBM Compatible PC Adverts (8088, 80386, 80486 Etc.) [click]
Despite the fact that Commodore was highly successful with their own computers, they couldn't ignore the significance of the PC market. Commodore were among the first companies to introduce IBM compatible PC clones back in 1985.