The Purpose Of The Commodore Billboard [click]
Why another Commodore oriented web site you might ask? Find out more about the concept of The Commodore Billboard, and the intentions of preserving marketing material from some of the most popular machines from the early days of computing.

Adverts [click]
Even though Commodore relied heavily on "mouth-to-mouth" advertising, they did in fact publish quite a few advertiments in various magazines. In this section you'll find lots of adds for the classic Commodore and Amiga series of computers, including Commodore's line of IBM compatible PCs. All in sharp high resolution scans.

Brochures [click]
"Contact your local authorized Commodore dealer for further information." In this section you'll find many official brochures that were available at Commodore retailers during the eighties and early nineties. Just like the adverts, these are high quality full-screen scans.

Commercials [click]
Here you'll find tons of genuine Commodore TV-commercials, radio commercials, promotional videos and much more. The audio & video clips in this section are a must for any true Commodore fan.

Miscellaneous [click]
Commodore sponsorships, exhibition adverts and promotional items. This is the section that features all the neat marketing material that doesn't fit into the other catagories.

How To Contribute To The Commodore Billboard [click]
In order to ensure the continuous growth of The Commodore Billboard I need your help! Got something that might fit into these pages? This section tells you all about how to support the site.

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