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Have fun reading these high quality scans of old genuine Commodore brochures. Below you'll find links for both the Commodore and Amiga series of computers.

Currently the archive features brochures in both Danish, English, French, German, Greek and Norwegian.

Commodore Brochures (C64, PET Etc.) [click]
"The widely acclaimed Commodore 64 personal computer, with its outstanding capability and versatility, offers a professional dimension that is truly remarkable. Even at twice the price you won't find the power of the Commodore64 in any other personal computer."

An excerpt from an original English Commodore 64 brochure. (1984)

Amiga Brochures (A500, CD32 Etc.) [click]
"If you haven't found the right computer yet, then you've never met Amiga. No other personal computer, even the ones that cost a lot more, can match Amiga feature for feature. It's light years ahead of the rest and that keeps you ahead of the competition."

Excerpt from an original English Commodore Amiga 1000 brochure (1985)

IBM Compatible PC Brochures (8088, 80386, Pentium Etc.) [click]
"The Commodore PC-I is a personal computer based on the most progressive concepts.....with the possibility to add colour graphics/video, 512 KB RAM, floppy disk controller, parallel & serial interfaces which will fit right into the internal slots."

Translated excerpt from an original German PC-I brochure. (1988)