How To Contribute To The Commodore Billboard [click to return to index]
Countless hours of hard work have been put into the creation of The Commodore Billboard - Searching the Internet, participating in newgroups and collecting hard-to-find magazines that may be up to 20 years old.

We have now taken the preliminary step in collecting marketing material, and I still intend to search high and low for classic stuff to put on these pages. But the continuous growth of The Commodore Billboard requires your help.

Are you in possession of adverts, brochures and movie clips etc. that you think would fit into this site? If so, please contribute to the site and help me make it grow. As we're most likely to find classic German material, we need your help to make this site worth visiting for people from all around the world.

Feel free to contact us if you see material on the site which you can provide in a higher quality.

If you do not have access to flatbed scanners or TV-cards, please send it to us via snail-mail, or tell us what you've found, and we'll try to look it up ourselves. This goes especially for magazines, since these are likely to be available in Germany too.

These are general guidelines for scanning printed adverts or brochures in A4 format:

  • Scan in 200 dpi
  • Adjust output size to approx. 50% or set the width to a maximum of 975 pixels.
  • Use 'Descreen Printed Original'-function if available, to remove the coarse-grained patterns that may appear in pictures.
  • Save as .jpg in medium/high quality.
  • Make sure the file size doesn't exceed 300 KiloBytes.
  • Please include year of publishing. This is often indicated in the brochures, and printed on the cover of magazines.

If you follow these guidelines the scanned material will be nice & sharp and easy for everyone to read.

Movie clips:

In case you have original movie material which you believe would fit into The Commodore Billboard, please contact us for further arrangements. If you want to encode them yourself, please make sure you're not using some strange format. We prefer mpg, as it's most likely to playback on all platforms (new policy introduced with the re-launch under individual Computers).


Send material either to Jens Schönfeld or to Stefan Zelazny.