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With litterally hundreds of Commodore websites already available, and new ones emerging every day, you might wonder what justifies the launch of this particular site.

Despite mismanagement and other parameters which lead to the final bankruptcy in 1994, Commodore managed to produce some of the most popular and technologically advanced computers during the eighties and early nineties.

Commodore relied heavily on mouth-to-mouth advertising, and to this day Commodore fans all around the world still shudder at the thought of Commodore's ex-CEO Irving Gould who (allegedly :-) once said:

"We don't need to advertise. If people want a Commodore, they'll buy a Commodore."

As a result original Commodore marketing material is hard to come by. This is exactly why we need a site like The Commodore Billboard. The goal is to preserve valuable marketing material from some of the most popular machines from the early days of computing. From the times when computers had a soul. When the term "Personal Computer" could mean anything from Amiga to ZX81. Our aim is to preserve this valuable Commodore material before the originals get lost.

The Commodore Billboard was launched in September 2000 by Søren Ladegaard, and has now been established as the Internet's most comprehensive archive of Commodore marketing material.

In January 2003, Søren Laadegaard could not continue the Commodore Billboard for personal reasons. At the same time, the long-term supporter Haage & Partner could not continue hosting the large video clips for cost reasons: Too many people tried to mirror the site at the same time, causing enormous traffic

Søren decided to give the site to Jens Schönfeld, owner of individual Computers, who now hosts the site on his server. Work on the pages is continued together with Stefan Zelazny, who already contributed lots of material.

Careful preparations have been taken, so cost cannot jeopardize the project any more. Traffic shaping on the server puts the large files offline if too much traffic is caused. You can further contribute to the cost by buying the Commodore Billboard CD (available in august 2003), which is not sold for profit, but for paying the webhosting cost of this project, that are up to € 300,- every month. You are highly encouraged to copy the CD and give it to your friends, so traffic on this site is reduced to a minimum. You are even more encouraged to buy the CD, so we can keep the site online and preserve a piece of the glory that Commodore once had.

Currently the archive features material in 10 languages including both adverts, brochures, sponsorship photos, promotional items and last but certainly not least TV & radio commercials.

Søren Ladegaard Jens Schnöfeld Stefan Zelazny
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Søren Ladegaard - Denmark
Founder of the Commodore Billboard,
Webmaster, until January 2003
Jens Schönfeld - Germany
Host of Commodore Billboard,
since January 2003
Stefan Zelazny - Germany
Webmaster of The Commodore Billboard,
since January 2003